Install Hub CLI and Toolbox

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Hub CLI Tool and Toolbox

There are two ways to get the hub CLI tool. The simplest way is to use the AgileStacks Toolbox, which is a docker-based shell that bundles current versions of the 40 most popular DevOps and scripting binaries into a single package. The other approach is to simply download the binary itself.


If you just want the hub CLI binary, download and install using the example for your platform.

On MacOS

curl -O
mv hub.darwin_amd64 hub
chmod +x hub
sudo mv hub /usr/local/bin

On Linux

curl -O
mv hub.linux_amd64 hub
chmod +x hub
sudo mv hub /usr/local/bin

On Windows

Download, rename to hub.exe, put in PATH, and you're done with the install. For complete details please refer to: Hub CLI on Windows

AgileStacks Toolbox

The AgileStacks Toolbox is best run using our launch script, which is a simple bash script which mounts your current directory and your home directory into the container and runs your chosen shell interactively.

curl -O 
chmod +x toolbox-run

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