Importing an upstream Kubernetes cluster

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The cluster must be deployed in the Cloud Account that was already onboarded to Agile Stacks SuperHub. When managing an imported cluster, Agile Stacks SuperHub connects to a Kubernetes cluster that has already been set up. After importing the cluster, you will be able to manage it using infrastructure as code approach, deploy overlay stacks, applications, and machine learning pipelines.


  1. Select Cluster type Kubernets Cluster

  1. Select existing adapter template for K8S cluster or select Create a new one

  1. Select Environment which is using onboarded Cloud Account
  2. Enter name of Cluster
  3. Specify Kubernetes API endpoint if it is different from default kubernetes (optional)
  4. Enter Cluster certificates in PEM format: Certificate of authority, Client certificate, Client key
  5. Select Included Components (required one Certificate Authority, optional Kubernetes Dashboard)
  6. Press the Import button
  7. Wait until import completes

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