Google GCP Cloud Account

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Create GCP Cloud Account

Open Cloud -> Cloud Accounts -> Create. Select Google Cloud Platform card

GCP onboarding

Fill in the form:

  1. Select a top-level DNS domain and enter your subdomain. Your stack will be accessible on a subdomain of this domain name.
  2. Enter Project ID. If you do not know your GCP Project ID or want to learn more about projects in GCP please refer to Creating and Managing Projects
  3. Copy & Paste contents of the Service Account JSON file to the Credentials field or Drag & Drop Service Account JSON file to area to the right or just click Select file button and find it in your file system. It's recommended to create a separate Service Account for Agilestacks automation. The Service Account should be granted the Owner role to the given Project and the project must be enabled for billing. Service Account can be easily created in GCP Web Console or using gcloud CLI tool. More details are available here: Creating and Managing Service Accounts
  4. Choose specific default Region and Zone. Your stacks will be deployed in it if you don't override this setting during stack creation. In Zonal clusters Kubernetes master and it's nodes are provisioned in a single compute zone. Regional clusters distribute Kubernetes resources across multiple zones within a region.
  5. Add teams you want to have access to your cloud account with the appropriate roles.
  6. Press create.

You will be redirected to a cloud account list, where you will find your newly created cloud account. Right now it is not yet usable since it is deploying. Usually, it takes less than a minute to deploy all the required resources for a cloud account. Once the Onboarding tag disappears, your cloud account is deployed, and you will be able to create an environment on it.

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